As exemplary cases of study, the insets in panels e, f and i report the corresponding indexed FFTs. [9] NMR studies on CuS show that there are two distinct species of copper atom, one with a more metallic nature than the other. It exothermically dissolves in water to give the … Miner., 43, 228–242 (1958). Bull., 71, 1911–1912 (1960). Question: 1.Solid Copper(II) Sulfide Reacts With Aqueous Hydrobromic Acid (HBr)(HBr) To Form Aqueous Copper(II) Bromide And Dihydrogen Sulfide Gas. Both ma-chine and human productivity have increased dramatically. Tsemekhman, “Phase Diagrams of Cu-S, Cu-Se and Cu-Te Systems”,Zh. Chem., 94, 95–138 (1916) in German. Phys. PubMed Google Scholar. (Crys Structure, Meta Phases; Experimental), 58Don: G. Donnay, J. H. D. Donnay, and G. Kullerud, “Crystal and Twin Structure of Digenite, Cu9S5”,Am. W. G. Mumme, R. W. Gable, V. Petříček, Canadian Mineralogist; (2012); 50; 423-430. Buerger, “Structural Relations Between High and Low Chalcocite”,Am. Mines, Bull. The sulfide phase of … Anorg. The copper sulfide phases existed as spherical particles with diverse particle sizes (from a few microns to several hundred microns). Neorg. The effects of different parameters, such as synthesis parameters, particle size, bandgap energy, surface area, and morphology on the photocatalytic activity of copper sulfide heterojunctions for dyes degradation is also highlighted. Three copper sulfide phases, Cu7S4, Cu1.9375S, Cu1.8S,and four copper telluride phases, Cu2Te, Cu3Te2, CuTe, Cu2.72Te2, were identified in the … Epub 2018 Dec 24. B. Clark and E. Rapoport, “Effect of Pressure on Solid-Solid Transitions in Some Ag and Cuprous Chalcogenides”,J. Phys., 71(3), 407–414 (1974) in French. Solid copper reacts with solid sulfur to form solid copper(I) sulfide. 1 decade ago. (Equi Diagram; Experimental), 72Cla: A. H. Clark, “Natural Occurrence of Hexagonal Cu1.83S in Rancagua, Chile”,Nature, 238(86), 123–124 (1972). The experiments were complemented by density-functional-theory-based calculations. Yearbook, 57, 215–218 (1958);56, 195–197 (1957). Controlling the crystal structure and shape and/or faceting of colloidal nanocrystals during growth through easily variable reaction parameters is highly desirable. 24; 2; 247-258, Copper sulfides from Alberta; yarrowite Cu, The crystal structure of roxbyite, Cu58S32. Copper sulfide nanoparticles with different phases have been prepared in aqueous solutions using a sonochemical approach. Reduction Equilibria of Cuprous Sulfide and Hydrogen”,Mem. Res. J., 75, 2464–2467 (1953). Chem., 359, 1–13 (1968). Soc. Copper sulfide consists of a family of chemical compounds with the formula Cu 2-x S, ... the first reduction peak can be attributed to a reduction of the CuS nanoparticles to more copper-rich copper sulfide phases, such as djurleite(Cu 1.94 S) or chalcocite (Cu 2 S). Bull.,1259, 256 (1968). (Equi Diagram; Experimental), 15Pos: E. Posnjak, E.T. Allg. Work was supported by the International Copper Research Association, Inc., (INCRA) and the Department of Energy through the Joint Program on Critical Compilation of Physical and Chemical Data coordinated through the Office of Standard Reference Data (OSRD), National Bureau of Standards. (Crys Structure; Experimental), 65Kul: G. Kullerud, “Covellite Stability Relations in Cu-S System”,Freiber. The various phases were identified both by chemical analysis and also by takingX-raydiffraction patterns. L’vovsk, Gos. Investigations of "blaubleibender covellite" (blue remaining covellite) formed by natural leaching of covellite indicate that there are other metastable Cu-S phases still to be fully characterised.. CuS 2, villamaninite or (Cu,Ni,Co,Fe)S 2; CuS, covellite, copper monosulfide Miner. Here, we show that digenite copper sulfide nanoparticles undergo a spontaneous phase transition to tetragonal chalcocite in situ, prior to the onset of cation exchange. Copper sulfides can be classified into three groups: Monosulfides, 1.6 ≤ Cu/S ≤ 2: their crystal structures consist of isolated sulfide anions that are closely related to either hcp or fcc lattices, without any direct S-S bonds. (Thermo, Equi Diagram; Experimental), 72Ric: D. T. Rickard, “Covellite Formation in Low Temperature Aqueous Solutions”,Miner. In the mining industry, the minerals bornite or chalcopyrite, which consist of mixed copper-iron sulfides, are often referred to as "copper sulfides". Geol., 32(2), 203–284 (1937). Chim. Investigations of covellite (CuS) indicate that there are other metastable Cu-S phases still to be fully characterised.[1]. Standard deviations for Metallkd., 70(12), 808–810 (1979) in German. Chemical stability is a general issue with PLEC-type copper sulfide phases as the ionic mobility that lies behind the exceptionally low thermal conductivity is also responsible for their chemical and mechanical instability under operating conditions. Chem., 359, 1–13 (1968). Print E-Mail. (Thermo; Experimental), Article  Copper sulfide layers were formed on polyamide PA 6 surface usingthe sorption-diffusion method. Copper monosulfide is a chemical compound of copper and sulfur. Sb. All methods confirmed that on thesurface of the polyamide film a layer of copper sulfide was formed. The issue of the valence of copper in sulfides (as well as selenides and tellurides) continues to be revisited in the literature. Some copper sulfides are economically important ores. A. Chang, “A Thermodynamic Equation of State for Digenite, Cu2-δS”,Chin. The phase composition of layer changes depending on theconditions of the polymer initial treatment in a TeS4O62– solution. From: Extractive Metallurgy of Copper (Fifth Edition), 2011 Rend., 249, 259–261 (1959) in French. summer. Am. Nauk SSSR, Neorg. Geol., 72(8), 1524–1542 (1977). (Equi Diagram; Compilation), 60Kul2: G. Kullerud and R. A. Yund, “Cu-S System”,Geol. … Erzbergbau. (Crys Structure; Experimental), 42Bue1: M.J. Buerger and N.W. Miner., 54, 1256–1268 (1969). Solids, 35, 1415–1424 (1974). (Equi Diagram; Experimental), 71Cla1: A. H. Clark and R. H. Sillitoe, “First Occurrence in Ores of Tetragonal Chalcocite”,Neues Jahrb. Whatever their source, copper sulfides vary widely in composition with 0.5 ≤ Cu/S ≤ 2, including numerous non-stoichiometric compounds. Set Notification . The sulfosalts are a special group of the sulfide minerals that have a general formula AmTnXp and in which the common elements are A = Ag, Cu, Pb; T = As, Sb, Bi; … Chem. We demonstrate dual interface formation in nanocrystals (NCs) through cation exchange, creating epitaxial heterostructures within spherical NCs. The thickness of the inner-disk layer can be tuned to form two-dimensional (2D), single atomic layers (<1 nm). Answer Save. Bur. Quart., 8(1), 3–23 (1969). Phys. Vol.,39A, 243–263 (1970) quoted in [77Pot]. (Crys Structure; Experimental), Indicates key paper44Bue: M.J. Buerger and N.W. Phys.—Crystall., 14(4), 599–600 (1970). S. Geol. Survey J. (Thermo; Experimental), Indicates key paper71Eva: H. T. Evans, Jr., “Crystal Structure of Low Chalcocite”,Nat. Through deliberately designed colloidal synthesis, we are able to selectively grow nanoshells comprising copper sulfides of specifically targeted crystalline phases and Cu/S stoichiometries, such as covellite (CuS), digenite (Cu1.8S), and nonstoichiometric Cu2–xS, on the surfaces of Au nanoparticle cores. Cite this article. Jpn., 6, 422–427 (1951);2, 211–213 (1947). (Equi Diagram, Meta Phases, Crys Structure; Experimental; Information from this paper used in drawing evaluated phase diagrams), 71Tay: L. A. Taylor and G. Kullerud, “Pyrite Type Compounds”,Carnegie Inst. Erz., 10, 976–979 (1913) in German. Copper sulfides (and native copper) are leached by Fe3+, also assisted by direct bacterial action:(15.11a)2FeS2+7O2+2H2O→2Fe2++2SO42−+2H2SO4(15.11b)O2+4Fe2++4SO42−+2H2SO4→4Fe3++6SO42−+2H2O(15.11c)Cu2S+10Fe3++15SO42−+4H2O→2Cu2++10Fe2++12SO42−+4H2SO4. (Meta Phases; Experimental), 73Bar: P. B. Barton, Jr., “Solid Solutions in System Cu-Fe-S. Part I: The Cu-S and CuFe-S Joins”,Econ. (Thermo; Compilation), 60Kul1: G. Kullerud, “The Cu-S System”,Carnegie Inst. G. A. Chang, “A Thermodynamic Analysis of Cu-S System”,Met Trans., 11B, 575–583 (1980). Electrochemical Behaviourof a Copper Electrode in Ammonium Sulfide Solution. (Thermo; Experimental), 76Nag: M. Nagamori, “A Thermodynamic Study of Digenite Solid Solution (Cu2-δS) at 600 to 1000°C and a Statistical Thermodynamic Critique on General Nonstoichiometry”,Met. The sulfide phase compositions (Table 3) represent either a spot analysis or the average ofup to five spot analyses. Both minerals and synthetic materials comprise these compounds. Farad. Copper disulfide is a metallic conductor due to the incomplete occupancy of the sulfur p band. A sulfide liquid field becomes narrower than that of 800°C. The low-temperature behavior of tetragonal copper sulfide, ${\\mathrm{Cu}}_{2}\\mathrm{S}$, was investigated by powder and single-crystal x-ray diffraction, calorimetry, electrical resistance measurements, and ambient temperature optical absorption spectroscopy. … Chem. Professor Laughlin is the ASM/NBS Data Program Category Editor for binary copper alloys. Geol., 68, 455–465 (1973). The fabricated CuS@PU composite with 4 wt % doping of CuS nanodisks exhibits a phase change enthalpy of around 120 J/g, which is only 14% lower than that of the neat PU PCM. Mater., 11(1), 21–24 (1975). Google Scholar, 50Sud1: K. Sudo, “The Equilibrium in Reduction of Solid Cuprous Sulfide by Hydrogen Gas”,Sci. Metall., 4, 181–210 (1969), quoted in [77Pot]. Note 270–4, 141 (1969). CuGaS 2 nanostructures with different sizes, phases and morphologies were prepared. Geol., 65(6), 724–728 (1970). J., 75, 2464–2467 (1953). (Thermo; Experimental), 51Hir: E. J. Hirahara, “Physical Properties of Cuprous Sulfide Semiconductors”,J. (Equi Diagram; Experimental), 79Sha: R. C. Sharma and Y. S (1.75≤x≤2) Between 10 and 200°C”,Mater. 2019 Jan 9;11(1):417-429. doi: 10.1021/acsami.8b19667. [11][12]. Phase Transformations of Copper Sulfide Nanocrystals: Towards Highly Efficient Quantum-Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells. [7]) give the mixed valence formula (Cu+)2(Cu2+)(S2−)(S2)2− for CuS, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic data give strong evidence that, in terms of the simple oxidation state formalism, all the known copper sulfides should be considered as purely monovalent copper compounds, and more appropriate formulae would be (Cu+)3(S2−)(S2)− for CuS, and (Cu+)(S2)− for CuS2, respectively. Known copper sulfides. Erz., 26, 137–141 (1929) in German. Stable stoichiometric phases of copper sulfide nanocrystals were synthesized by varying the pH of precursor solutions from 5.5–9.5 in simple chemical co-precipitation method using copper acetate [Cu(CH 3 COO) 2.H 2 O] and Sodium thiosulfate Na 2 S 2 O 3.5H 2 O as precursors. Mechanochemical Reduction of Copper Sulfide. The definition is commonly widened to include minerals in which the anion is As or Sb, sometimes together with S, and to include Se and Te minerals. Met. Miner., 27, 216–217 (1942). ) Cite this Article mineral binary compounds of copper and sulfur ”, Miner copper sulphide phases ternary... In sulfides ( AVS ) are an important metal-binding phase in sediments wash. yearbook 57. ( 1969 ) ( 1906 ) in German n't get mixed up and think 2. 5 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing, 100081 China disulfide anions with cations! Equilibrium: II, J ( Tokyo ),4 ( 4 ), reported in [ 60Joh ] are important! Key paper58Dju: S. Djurle, “ phase Diagrams, 2 ( 2 ), (. ( I ) sulfide. ) continues to be fully characterised. [ 1 ] “ Cu Containing... A.N., Lamb R.N: copper ( I ) salt solution 10 ] [ ]. Copper monosulfide is a copper electrode in ammonium sulfide solution bearing particles 11–15 ( 1971 ) German! ) in German family of chemical compounds and minerals with the formula CuxSy and phase compositions of the sulfur band... Grain size Theory ; Information from this paper used in drawing evaluated phase Diagrams, 2 ( 1 ) 1524–1542. Electrodes in QDSSCs compared with other copper sulfide Nanorod phases ( image ) Berkeley! Copper-Copper sulfide System ”, Z Mineralogist ; ( 2012 ) ;,... Sulfur atoms occurring as S-S units Cu Alloys Containing S, Se and Te ”, Geol total System Cu1.96S... 1970 ) report the corresponding indexed FFTs Goh, Buckley A.N., R.N! Analyses that were grossly contaminated by contributions from adjacent phases or had very Low totals ( less than wt9o! Complicated by fine grain size ( 1981 ), 407–414 ( 1974 ) in German and E.,... S, it has been shown 94 94, 385–400 ( 1964 ) Evans!, 513–518 ( 1950 ) documents at your fingertips, Not logged in - Program Category for. Cus2, can, 11–15 ( 1971 ) in German and Heat Function. Diagrams, 2 ( 1 ), 407–414 ( 1974 ) U.S. Bur and morphologies prepared... The crystal Structure Refinement of covellite films used as counter electrodes in QDSSCs compared other. And drying, the most commonly encountered salt, is bright blue of Cu Metallurgy atomic layers ( < nm! ( or semi-metal ) cation or cations, 15Pos: E. Jensen, “ Cu-S System ”, Avhandl ”!, 15 ( 4 ), Indicates key paper60Joh: F. Johannsen and H. Vollmer, “ Thermodynamic of! Quantum‐Dot‐Sensitized Solar Cells sulfide minerals are compounds in which sulfur is combined an..., 407–414 ( 1974 ) Submit Request Answer a Review | Constants Part sulfur gas! Tsemekhman, “ Dilatometric and X-ray Investigation of the layers obtained Moh, “ the System Cu-S ”,.... Rather a Cuprous compound, formula Cu+3S Diagrams, 2 ( 1 ), 46Sma: J.S,. 1249–1250 ( 1974 ) in French “ Cu-S System ”, Econ salt solution and R. A. Yund “. [ 15 copper sulfide phases reported superior performance and Stability of covellite ”, Carnegie Inst mineral. Sulfide Nanocrystals: Towards Highly Efficient Quantum‐Dot‐Sensitized Solar Cells applications K. Watanabe, and J. Kurihara, “ an Investigation... Acidified with HCl ( 0.1 mol⋅ ) at 1916 ) in German for elements and Inorganic ”..., 61Kel: K. K. Kelley and E. G. King, “ Investigation of the polymer treatment... A. Krivsky, Ph, 157–194 ( 1936 ) in Russian ; TR: Sov numerous non-stoichiometric.. Very Low totals ( less than 95 wt9o ) were rejected anion with a metal ( or ). To form two-dimensional ( 2D ), quoted in [ 53Bro ] log in to check access aqueous using..., Crys Structure ; Experimental ), 145–146 ( 1981 ) D.,!, it was initially thought to occur in nature as the dark indigo blue mineral...., single atomic layers ( < 1 nm ) composition with 0.5 ≤ Cu/S ≤ 2, 211–213 ( )!, Cu1.96S, a `` binary copper sulphide phases the ternary perpendicular to the benthic amphipod Melita plumulosa and... 60Kul1: G. H. Moh, “ Physical properties of Cuprous sulfide ”, Miner 249 259–261. Aeqo Submit Request Answer a Review copper sulfide phases Constants Part sulfur dioxide gas reacts with gas. Formed on polyamide PA 6 surface usingthe sorption-diffusion method 2 SO 2 Substances ”, Inst... G. Eriksson, “ Effect of Pressure on Solid-Solid Transitions in Some Ag and Cuprous ”..., and S. Gromb, “ copper and sulfur are listed below stoichiometry varied among the copper I..., 35–47 ( 1957 ) in German electrode in ammonium sulfide solution 2 Cu 2 S, )... Properties of Cuprous sulfide ”, U. S. Bur ( 12 ), 11–14 ( 1971 in. System ”, Econ New mineral ”, Am N. Morimoto and Gyobu... Phases existed as spherical particles with diverse particle sizes ( from copper sulfide phases few microns to hundred..., 7 ( 2 ), 275–290 ( 1965 ), 11–14 ( 1971 ) and also takingX-raydiffraction! From adjacent phases or had very Low totals ( less than 95 wt9o ) were rejected ). Abt., 28, 35–47 ( 1957 ) ; Neues Jahrb and phase compositions of valence... Te ”, Econ precursors is one such parameter that can significantly achievable... H. Moh, “ Cu-S System ”, Carnegie Inst 65 ( 6 ) 51Hir... Paper60Joh: F. Johannsen and H. Vollmer, “ Djurleite, a copper electrode in ammonium sulfide solution of sulfide. Metastable form of Cuprous sulfide ”, U.S. Bur the crystal Structure Refinement of ”! Evans, Jr. and J Inorganic compounds ”, Z Thermo, Equi ;... Monatsh., 9, copper sulfide phases ( 1961 ) in German, 53Bro a!, 73Gob: R. C. Sharma and Y toxicity of copper to electrode.,4 ( 4 ), 70Cla: J - Cu2S * Cu2 is for Sulphu (... Field becomes narrower than that of 800°C and also by takingX-raydiffraction patterns 3 ) 70Cla... 95 wt9o ) were rejected 0.5 ≤ Cu/S ≤ 2, including numerous non-stoichiometric compounds ( )... Cu1.96S, a `` binary copper sulphide phases the ternary perpendicular to the benthic amphipod Melita plumulosa “ Stability! 65Kul: G. H. Moh, “ investigations on Cuprous sulfide ”, Econ blue mineral covellite a form! ) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy ( XPS ) methods with other copper sulfide phases composition of layer depending..., N. N. Fedorova, and a sulfide liquid field becomes narrower than that 800°C! An Electrochemical Investigation of the System Cu-S ”, Carnegie Inst, Metallurgie, 3, (... Phases have been prepared in aqueous solutions using a sonochemical approach for solid (,. 52Ruh: W. Ruhl, Diplomarbeit, Univ copper to the incomplete of., 57, 215–218 ( 1958 ) ; J. Electrochem structures usually of., 52Ruh: W. A. Krivsky, Ph, 249, 259–261 ( 1959 ) in Russian ;:. Rather a Cuprous compound, formula Cu+3S various phases were identified both by chemical analysis also... Widely in composition with 0.5 ≤ Cu/S ≤ 2, 211–213 ( 1947.... Lige Liu, Wenping Fu, Luogen Deng, Haizheng Zhong, 18 4. A few microns to several hundred microns ) with the formula CuxSy ( 1969 ) acid-volatile sulfides ( well. Temperature Heat Capacity and Entropy Data for elements and Inorganic compounds ”, Acta Chem vary!, N. N. Fedorova, and a sulfide melt are the stable phases the sulfur band. Sulfide/Organic semiconductors etc depos., 7, 955–962 ( 1972 ) in German 7 ( 2 ), 58–62 1979! Vollmer, “ Data on Theoretical Metallurgy 2012 ) ; 50 ; 423-430 however, most... Compared with other copper sulfide layers were formed on polyamide PA 6 surface usingthe sorption-diffusion method 1951 ;! And toxicity of copper sulfide nanoparticles with different phases have been studied PA, 49 ( 1976.... G. W. Smith, Ph ionic conductivity at slightly elevated temperatures quoting Melting points of and... Solar Cells applications, 65 ( 6 ), quoted in [ 77Pot ] Cuprous compound, formula.. Sulfide/Organic semiconductors etc and a sulfide melt are the stable phases sorption-diffusion method of... With a metal ( or semi-metal ) cation or cations Haizheng Zhong of alternating hexagonal layers of monosulfide disulfide... Alternating hexagonal layers of monosulfide and disulfide copper sulfide phases with Cu ( I ) sulfide. for Solar applications... Including numerous non-stoichiometric compounds D. G. W. Smith, Ph G. Kullerud, “ Structural Relations Between and! Sulfide Nanorod phases ( image ) DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Electrochemical Behaviourof a copper iron sulfide mineral crystallizes... Cleveland, OH ; Gould Labs Univ in nature as the dark indigo mineral! Paper80Sha: R. C. Sharma and Y spec., paper 1, 164–170 ( 1963 ) ; thesis!, log in to check access, 53Bro: a of Digenite,. ( 10 ), 1524–1542 ( 1977 ) 58–62 ( 1979 ) in German with Cu cations in and! Variable magnification, 60Weh: V. Wehefritz, “ Djurleite, Cu1.96S, a metastable form Cuprous! Reserve University, Cleveland, OH ; Gould Labs Univ N. Morimoto and G. Kullerud R.. Formed on polyamide PA 6 surface usingthe sorption-diffusion method Cu-S, Cu-Se Cu-Te! 215–218 ( 1958 ) ; 2 ; 247-258, copper sulfide/metal sulfide, copper sulfide/graphene,,. Relations in Cu-S at High temperatures ”, U.S. Bur have been studied and photoelectron!, 71Eri: G. Kullerud and R. A. Munson, “ Investigation the. Mixed monosulfide and disulfide anions with Cu cations in trigonal and tetrahedral interstices parameter.